May 16, 2019

CURODONT REPAIR is the superior treatment for white spots

CURODONT REPAIR in der Zahnarztpraxis

CURODONT REPAIR has shown to be superior to the gold-standard fluoride varnish in the treatment of initial caries as shown in a long-term, randomized, controlled clinical study. The new study conducted by Dr. Bröseler & Dr. Tietmann et. al. within their private practice, has recently been published in the prestigious journal Clinical Oral Investigations.

The clinical trial demonstrated significantly superior size reduction of the buccal white spot lesions after treatment with CURODONT REPAIR compared to those receiving fluoride varnish, which showed little change in size. In agreement with the size measurement, the researchers clinically assessed the white spots treated with CURODONT REPAIR to have regressed whereas control teeth were mainly unchanged, signifying the clinical benefit of the Guided Enamel Remineralization therapy with CURODONT REPAIR.

The strong Clinical Significance Statement by Dr Bröseler and co-workers highlights the potential of the novel remineralizing therapy in caries prevention: “P11-4 [CURODONT REPAIR] is the first caries treatment approach aiming to regenerate decayed enamel. […] adding a new advanced therapy option for preventive dentistry.“