September 19, 2017

Clinical trial proves superiority of Guided Enamel Regeneration with CURODONT™ REPAIR

CURODONT™ REPAIR in dental surgery

CURODONT™ REPAIR – For non-invasive caries treatment

In their newly published manuscript titled “Self-assembling Peptide P11-4 and Fluoride for Regenerating Enamel” the paediatric dentistry group of Prof. Splieth from the University of Greifswald presented results from a randomised clinical trial proving that Guided Enamel Regeneration Therapy of early caries with CURODONT™ REPAIR and fluoride is highly superior to the present gold-standard of fluoride alone.

The pivotal trial published in the prestigious Journal of Dental Research showed superior results for the CURODONT™ REPAIR group in all clinical outcome parameters – including 80% vs 34% inactivated caries lesions, four-times the number of regressed caries lesions, and a 15-times higher decrease in the caries diagnostic signal.

The researchers conclude their milestone paper with the statement that “the data demonstrated that biomimetic mineralization facilitated by P11-4 [CURODONT™ REPAIR] in combination with fluoride is a simple, safe, and effective noninvasive treatment for early carious lesions and is superior to the present clinical gold standard of fluoride treatment alone”.

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Alkilzy M, Tarabaih A,, Santamaria RM, Splieth CH, Self-assembling Peptide P11-4 and Fluoride for Regenerating Enamel. J Dent Res