December 16, 2020

Geneva University clinical trial proves again: CURODONT™ REPAIR treatment results in superior caries regression compared to either placebo or fluoride varnish

This randomized, placebo and gold-standard controlled clinical trial, investigating the treatment of incipient buccal caries lesions with CURODONT™ REPAIR was recently published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

Prof. Krejci and his team used a sophisticated study design to supply additional information relating to the performance of CURODONT™ REPAIR to standard clinical care, such as fluoride varnish or wait-and-see (i.e., placebo), as measured by the White Spot Lesion (WSL) size.

For a first time comparing CURODONT™ REPAIR, placebo and gold standard in a single clinical trial, this quadruple -blinded RCT with a sequential, split-mouth design allowed multiple comparisons between various groups. Based on assessment of calibrated standardized digital photographs the researchers compared the remineralization effect of CURODONT™ REPAIR, placebo, fluoride varnish and the combination of CURODONT™ REPAIR and fluoride varnish. The data has clearly demonstrated that CURODONT™ REPAIR treatment leads to superior enamel regeneration when compared to placebo or fluoride varnish.

”[CURODONT™ REPAIR] treatment resulted in superior caries regression compared to either placebo or FV, and FV efficacy seems not to be affected by [CURODONT™ REPAIR]. […] Since [CURODONT™ REPAIR] supports the formation of de novo hydroxyapatite crystals deep within and throughout the carious lesion body, it offers the clinician a new, effective, non-aerosol generating and non-invasive treatment option.” concluded the researchers from the University of Geneva.

The results are in good agreement with previous clinical trials on CURODONT™ REPAIR.

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This research was funded by “Committee of Technology and Innovation (CTI; Innosuisse)”