September 6, 2017

Practice-based case series proves beneficial effect of CURODONT™ REPAIR in treatment of proximal caries lesions

12 months after treatment, radiographic and corresponding digital subtraction radiographs (DSR) show the regression of early caries lesions.

In the newly published practice-based, prospective case series, Dr. Markus Schlee and colleagues investigated the effect of CURODONT™ REPAIR treatment of initial proximal caries lesion. The investigators used radiographs and digital subtraction radiographs (DSR) to determine the clinical performance of CURODONT REPAIR after 12 months.

75% of the lesions exhibit an improvement (remineralization) or were unchanged (arrested), or in other words do not need any further intervention i.e. restauration. The results demonstrate with over 60% a predominant shift toward regression of the initial defects. An improvement, that has not yet been described to this extend with other methods.

“These findings suggest that a partial remineralization or even complete regeneration of an initial carious lesions can be achieved by application of [CURODONT REPAIR]” concludes Dr. Schlee.

Link to the article:

Schlee M, Schad T, Koch JH, Cattin PC, Rathe F. Clinical performance of self-assembling peptide P11-4 in the treatment of initial proximal carious lesions: A practice-based case series. J Invest Clin Dent. 2017;e12286.