September 3, 2018

Swiss university trial confirms superiority of CURODONT™ REPAIR in treatment of initial caries lesions


A randomized, placebo and gold-standard controlled clinical trial (RCT), investigating the treatment of incipient buccal caries lesions with CURODONT™ REPAIR was presented at the IADR 2018 in London. In this study Prof. Krejci and his team at the University of Geneva showed that the use of CURODONT™ REPAIR is superior to that of fluoride varnish (22’600ppm) or a placebo treatment.

For a first time comparing CURODONT™ REPAIR, placebo and gold standard, this double-blinded RCT with a sequential, split-mouth design allowed multiple comparisons between various groups. Based on assessment of calibrated standardized digital photographs the researchers compared the remineralization effect of CURODONT™ REPAIR, placebo, fluoride varnish and the combination of CURODONT™ REPAIR and fluoride varnish. The data has shown CURODONT™ REPAIR to lead to superior enamel regeneration when compared to placebo or fluoride varnish, and indicated a complementary effect of CURODONT™ REPAIR and fluoride varnish.

Under the conditions of this clinical trial [CURODONT™ REPAIR] caused significantly higher remineralisation when compared to both placebo and gold-standard (fluoride varnish)…” concluded the researchers from the University of Geneva.

The results are in good agreement with previous clinical trials on CURODONT™ REPAIR.


Link to the abstract:

This research was funded by “CTI- Committee of Technology and Innovation (Innosuisse)” (Project 14934.1 PFLS-LS).